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    Ball rotation


      it is possible in JavaFX to rotate ball?
      I must do ball with texture (smiley), which will rotate and bouncing in 3D room for my school project and dont know if JavaFX it suitable for this.

      Thanks for any reply.
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          yeah, i would say JavaFX would be a pretty good soulution for what you want.
          So you have a Stage, create a Circle or something like that, add it to your Pane.
          Then you can rotate the Object, make it move, basically everything you want. Don't know what you actually want to know, but to answer your question: yes JavaFX is suitable for your problem.

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            I have to make a game with bouncing ball in 3D world. At the beginning player must choose power and direction and then throws ball. In room, there must be some objects to colision, e.g. 2 cubes. When ball is in the motion it must rotate (ball must have smiley texture to demonstrate rotate).

            When the ball stops, simulation is over.

            I have created a 3D cube representing the room in which the ball will bouncing and circle representing ball.
            But I dont know how to do 3d motion, bounce ball and rotate ball.

            Can anybody help me, please?