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    Who can edit an NPD activity?


      In the Agile Product Lifecycle Management for Process Documentation Library v6.1 is write that only the Owner of a NPD Activity can edit the same activity.
      But when I use the system with many different PLM users, all this PLM users are able to edit an activity.
      Is there a standard way (i.e. owner, role,...) to limit the possibilty that all the user can edit all the project activity?

      If you need further explanation please tell me.

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          Stefano, What version are you seeing this in?
          This was a bug in our version that was fixed in 6.1 versions.
          6.1 also added 2 new NPD roles called NPD_SA and NPD_SA_READER. You can read about them in the Administrator guide for 6.1
          If you use NPD_SA be careful it opens everything up for edit, project and activities.

          Hope that helps,
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