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    Content migration from corrupted to fresh


      we have encountered a problem with shared services db. Some sequences or indexes are gone and not reparable. Our EPM Workspace (reporting bqy, sqr, web analysis documentes) runs ok, but we cannot provision users, show roles, show repository elemnts in shared services and export repository for migration. The version of our system is

      We have already installed the fresh EPM machine with the same version and would like to migrate documents from the corrupted system into it. Our aim is to migrate groups, users, schedules, bqy, qqr, Web Analysis, folders to fresh system. But we cannot make the first step to export it via shared services. Have you got some ideas on solving that problem?

      Thank you in advance
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          Oleksandr, I had encountered similar issue a while back. But the Oracle DBA was able to restore the DB (Shared Services) from the nightly network backup, the configuration, and metadata are all still intact from the backup, so we lost a day of activities in EPM11. The result worked well, we had the system restored.

          Subsequently, we were exploring a DR (Disaster Recovery) environment to run mirror with production, but we got side-track with other priorities.

          In addition, we also were exploring another idea to use the EPM 11 migration utility to ZIP up the production metadata weekly and archive for similiar issue. We did not get far on that either. Maybe someone else can share their best practices.

          Years ago, Answer1, the consulting firm, came up with a tool that is slick using GUI to backup the Brio system, which now evolved into EPM11. I believe that Hyperion Splution never considered that tool, because it was TOO EASY to use and it was directly competiting with their consulting arms. I lost track of Answer1. But it was a great tool.

          Good luck.
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            You can use LCM (life cycle management) which comes with hyperion foundation to export and import your user & group provisioning information, other artifacts like forms, grids, reports etc..

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              Sunil, he pointed it out that Shared Services DB sequence and index are messed up, if that is the case, LCM would not work.

              Plus, the LCM can take a long time to extract the whole system, even in pieces.
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                Hi guys,

                thanks for replies. The best way were to restore db, of course.

                @AlexLiu What was this GUI? What do you mean it has evoloved to EPM11.

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                  Oleksandr, I do not remember the name of the software from 6-year ago right now. I have to look for the notes somewhere. The firm Answer1 is not around anymore.

                  How is your restore process going?