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    security alerts about Java's auto update?

      Security Alert
              Revocation information for the security certificate for this site is not
              available. Do you want to proceed?

                                      [ Yes ]        [ No ]        [ View Certificate ]

      Hi Oracle forumers,

      For a while every computer for which I have installed or updated Java it seems like Java's auto-updater triggers the security alert shown above. Multiple times I have clicked View Certificate, clicked the Install Certificate button, I went through the Certificate Import Wizard's process and accepted the default selections, and the wizard told me the import was successful. However, a few days later I see the same security alert and go through the import process all over again. I think the site is not always the same and I thought that after importing a few certificates I wouldn't be bother by this anymore but the security alerts seem to never end. In the past this wasn't an annoyance and I guess this changed for some reason but is there a way to set up Java so that updates are secure and I am not bothered by security alerts?
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          Hi Dave,

          Which version of the JRE are you using?

          The revocation check is done to see if the certification that is being used has been revoked/recalled. The error message is saying that the revocation information is not available. The revocation information is on a third party server. If you look at the properties of any certificate you will see this. The machine(s) in question can not connect to the revocation information for that certificate and/or make use of the information is does retrieve.

          Look at the exe that is being run, this should be in the error message, and look at the cert on that file. Once you look at the details, you will see something like what is at this image:
          http://imgur.com/iSRxY (random example: jusched.exe from 6u37)

          Make sure the machines in question can access that url. There have been some issues with firewalls and Java7, due to the use of IPv6, which could be a factor here. Ensure that the firewalls being used are the latest version with the latest updates.