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    How to reset the state of af:showDetail in popup dialog

      We have an af:showDetail component in a popup dialog. It is initially closed (or collapsed) when the dialog shows up. However, if we click on af:showDetail to expand it, and then re-launch the dialog without collapsing it, then it shows up as expanded. Similarly, if we click to collapse af:showDetail and re-launch the pop up dialog, then it shows up as collapsed. In other words, af:showDetail maintains its previous state when the pop up dialog is re-launched. The content delivery for the popup is "lazyUncached". We tried closing af:showDetail in the popup fetch listener method (using RichShowDetail#setDisclosed(false)), but that also does not help.

      Is it possible to reset the state of the af:showDetail so that it always appears as closed every time the pop up dialog is launched?