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    windows 7 64 ODBC client drivers - worked around but still open

      Hi folks,

      I've spent two days trying to install oracle ODBC drivers on my WIN7, read lots and lots of pointless forums and about to lose all hope...

      i tried installing oracle client. According to documentation this is the only thing you need to do "... and enjoy!" they say.

      1 - downloaded instantclient-basic-windows.x64-
      2 - extracted it to C:\instantclient_11_2
      3 - downloaded instantclient-odbc-windows.x64-
      4 - extracted it to C:\instantclient_11_2
      5 - ran C:\instantclient_11_2>odbc_install.exe
      6 - got: "Oracle ODBC Driver with same name already exists."
      7 - At this point, no other oracle product, besides java, was running on my machine. Double checked.

      No "enjoy" for me :(

      Then i installed full ODAC.

      1 - got ODTwithODAC1120320_32bit.zip (the full 230 Mb version, not the XCopy one)

      Now, at this point, microsoft is to blame. It turns out that control panel's odbc manager only shows you the 64bit drivers installed, as odac has its odbc drivers in 32 bit version, you have to use C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe to check if your oracle driver was properly installed.

      Why on earth do they hide it? dunno.

      So, if someone from oracle ever reads this, please, please, please fix the instant client distr so regular people can just follow what documentation says and actually "enjoy"