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    "Cascading LOV Parent Item(s)" for Select Lists Not Working in 4.1?


      Has anybody experienced problems with select lists's "Cascading LOV Parent Item(s)"?

      I have 2 select lists, P2_Parent_selectlist and P2_Children_selectlist. When P2_Parent_selectlist drop down is selected by the user, it should change the contents of P2_Children_selectlist.

      P2_Children_selectlist has:
      Display Null Value: No
      Cascading LOV Parent Item(s): P2_Parent_selectlist
      Page Items to Submit: P2_Parent_selectlist
      List of values definition: a query that contains :P2_Parent_selectlist

      **However P2_Children_selectlist is not changed at all, it's always at null** even though :P2_Parent_selectlist is changed!
      Yes I have on the side, in SQL Commands, tried P2_Children_selectlist's query with all values of P2_Parent_selectlist, the query does return values!

      I have tried to have P2_Parent_selectlist have different "Page Action when Value Changed" ("None", "Submit Page", "Redirect and Set Value"), none of them can make P2_Children_selectlist get populated.

      (I have other fields in the page so I should avoid refreshing the page to not wipe out other fields.)