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    Not able to ping the cloned RAC template VM


      Does anyone encounter the same issues like I do?

      I am to the point that I create 2 VM that cloned from RAC template on VM Manager 3.1.1.

      1. After running ./deploycluster.py and I can see the virtual machine is in running state.
      2. I finally VNC to the virtual machine and find out that in side the VM, I am not able to ping VM Manager, or the 2nd RAC VM.

      the buildcluster.sh can't run because it requires to build ssh between 2 RAC node. how to debug this issue?

      any clue?
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          There are so many reasons this can happen that its impossible to tell with the information you've provided.

          I have idea that there is no path to IP address you set on the first node of your RAC. The RAC templates can be a little difficult to understand. Especially if you don't understand how RAC works.

          What IP address did you set for the private and public addresses for the RAC? What is the IP address of the VM Manager. IF you used DHCP... then do you have a DHCP server to service the request?