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    OVM Manager does not recognize a Master node

      I have been having problems with my OVM Pool and part of it I believe is the fact that there is no "Master" node in the cluster. The OVM Manager constantly creates jobs to autodiscover the server at IP address (VIP). At first no system held this VIP so I ran an ifconfig command to enable that VIP on one of my systems in hopes that OVM would see that as the master.

      Now the Autodiscover jobs run and complete about every 30 seconds but when I click on "edit pool" there is not even an option to set which server is the master node.

      I have stopped/started ovs-agent on all of the hosts as well as restarted ovmm with no luck. I also ran a complete UUID restore on the ovm manager and rediscovered the pool but it still will not recognize any system as the master.

      Is there a way to tell the OVM Manager which server is the master node via command line? I Have had a severity 1 ticket open with Oracle for well over 2 weeks now and they have gotten me nowhere.