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    WIP Issue

    Ken Waters
      Having an issue with WIP

      I have a document that has a letter with editable fields, followed by multiple pages with no editable fields, followed by another letter with some editable fields...
      When clicking "Next" in hopes of getting to the next page for viewing purposes, it will jump to the next page that does have an editable field, by passing the multiple pages in between.

      There seems to be no way besides proofing to view a document page with no editable fields... Is there a setting I am missing some place that could resolve this?

      Thank you,

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          This is related to view being optimized for data entry, so only pages with fields available for entry are displayed by default. There are INI options in WIPEDIT.INI that control this behavior. Specifically, INI group <Control>. Options:
          DisplayPrintOnly = Yes/No
          DisplayAllEntryFormPages = Yes/No
          Check the doc if this doesn't give you enough info.
          The WIPEDIT.INI is located on server and is downloaded to Wipedit plugin with DPW file. So changes need to be made on server side.