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    Load Error : file ' CIPZDTTM' durin Bill Segment Cancel in Eclipse JUnit

    Angel Perez
      I'm testing a CM Enter Status Algorithm that will be canceling Bill Segments, but, during the initiateCanel action Eclipse displays a popup and the JUnit test crashes, the popup says the following:

      Popup Title: javaw

      Popup Content:
      Load error: file 'CIPZDTTM'
      error code: 173, pc=0, call=1, seg=0
      *173 Called program file not found in drive/directory*

      Installation Details:
      - FW 2.2 SP16
      - CCB 2.3.1 SP6
      - Windows XP 32bits SP3
      - jdk1.5
      - Oracle 11gR2
      - Micro Focus Server5.1
      - tomcat

      The method I'm calling is:

      bsegment.initiateCancel(date, cancelReason);

      My cobol/dll runtime folder is already in the PATH variable for Windows. I put the runtime folder in the PATH variable because I was getting some "Unable to load class CIPZMEMJ" error. After I put the runtime folder in the PATH, the "Unable to load.." error disappeared, but this new one came in the play.

      Please Help.Thanks!