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    Restriction on the number of source databases for partitions

      Hi all,

      In the EPM* documentation I couldn't find any information whether there're any restrictions on the number of source applications for transparent / replicated partitions between BSO cubes.

      I am designing a budgeting application with planning for a company operating in 7 countries. Because the application will be quite detailed, I have decided to create a different applications for each of the 7 different countries and each application will consist of 2 databases. There will be minimal data sharing within these applications and can be managed with xref functions.

      However I will need another application to be used only for reporting undetailed data coming from these 7 different applications (14 databases in total - 2dbs for each application) Could it possible to use these 14 databases as sources to one target database ? (it could be transparent or replicated partition, I haven't decided yet)

      If it is possible, to get better performance would you recommend using 2 different databases as target with 7 sources each, or using only one database as target with 14 source databases? All the applications reside on the same server and there won't be many calculations in the target database.

      Thanks very much in advance.