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    Please give me your advice

      Hello, I would very much like to receive advice from experienced Java / JMF programmers, BEFORE trying to port my app from Microsoft .Net to Java. I give some data about the app below. Purpose is to determine whether it can be done at all with Java / JMF. Maybe some hints. Thanks in advance for your assistance ! Fred Worms.

      About the application : for blind persons; handled by a numeric keypad only; level 1: select an audiobook from a number of collections; level 2: select a chapter; level 3: listen to the chapter sentence by sentence, call translation of current sentence (in case of a dual-language audio book), adjust speed, volume; call an (human voice) audio word speller (alternative to Braille). App should work on a cheap device e.g. a MK802 Ubuntu.

      Audio play requirements of the application: should be able to play mp3 audio (I created the necessary structures for about 15 classic books like Wizard of Oz, Treasure Island, only human voice audio recordings, many from LibriVox). Essential is the ability to play clips, from a milliseconds to b milliseconds. Adjust speed: available with .net version, "nice to have" but no must.

      Video demo of a provisional prototype : search YouTube on EDOS2011, then open VIP-demo (versie 2)