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    increasing the look(style) of the GUI in fx2

      Can any one please help me how do i increase the look of the gui developed in javafx2.2 that contains several components like Menubar, toolbar, split pane, border pane, tabbed pane,l abel, textfield etc. I dispaly an image in the right side of the split pane in a tab and the left sideof the split pane contains some buttons.

      Actually the right side of split pane contains anchor pane that contains the border pane that contains tabbed pane which has a tab that contains the image.

      I want the style sheets that will really give a pleasant look like with a good background color, smoothing each component etc.
      I saw the Ensembler of javafx and the background colour, the black grids, is really good, i could not find how it was so.

      Please help me.