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    Link between inventory and general ledger for drilldown


      I need to link with general ledger to see costing information transfered to general ledger.

      SELECT gcc.concatenated_segments,mtt.transaction_type_name
      ,decode(mta.gl_batch_id, -1, 'N', 'Y') "Transfered_Flag"

      FROM mtl_material_transactions mmt,mtl_transaction_accounts mta,gl_code_combinations_kfv gcc,
      mtl_transaction_types mtt,mtl_system_items_b mis
      ,gl_je_lines jel

      mta.transaction_id = mmt.transaction_id
      and mta.reference_account = gcc.code_combination_id
      and mmt.transaction_type_id = mtt.transaction_type_id
      and mmt.inventory_item_id = mis.inventory_item_id
      and mmt.organization_id = mis.organization_id

      and mta.gl_sl_link_id = jel.gl_sl_link_id-------this is wrong nothing is returned

      The above query doesnt return anything is there any join?