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    Oracle Customer Service Incident Location Information.


      I have a question regarding the base table CS_INCIDENTS_ALL_B, the column INCIDENT_LOCATION_ID can hold two kinds of values HZ_LOCATION_ID or HZ_PARTY_SITE_ID. The column INCIDENT_LOCATION_TYPE contains the info whether the stored values is HZ_LOCATION_ID or the HZ_PARTY_SITE_ID.

      I would like to know how the INCIDENT_LOCATION_TYPE column is populated or how the decision is made to store either the HZ_PARTY_SITE_ID or the HZ_LOCATION_ID into the column INCIDENT_LOCATION_ID in the table CS_INCIDENTS_ALL_B.

      The Oracle EBS version is R12.1.1

      I've tried to search in Metalink and have gone through the Oracle Technical Reference Manual as well, but so far couldn't find any related information. Any help with the information will be much appreciated.
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          The decision to store the party site id or the hz location id depends on what type of incident address is selected in the SR. If the Incident address is a customer address (party site) then the incident location id field will store the party site id. If the Incident address is a freestanding location (address not tied to any customer) then the hz location id will be stored.