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    Defaulting Rule Setup in OM

      Hi Gurus,

      I am setting up Defaulting rule setup in OM N->OM->setup->Rules->Defaulting

      Customer Contact, payment term check boxes not enabled under Application: Order management; Entiry: Order header

      under attributes tabs I have tried enable attibbutes Contact, Payment Terms system giving error message as "FRM-40200: Field is protected against update"

      Is there any profile option or access to be set to enable this attributes.

      Please advise.
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          Do you really intend to use these attributes in the "Defaulting Conditions"?

          This flag only indicates that you can use the attribute to build defaulting conditions -- which is not the same as building the Defaulting Rule. Sorry if I am stating the obvious. This distinction is not always clear to users. This flag does not indicate whether or not you can setup a defaulting rule for the attribute. It only indicates that the attribute can be used within a defaulting condition. There is some information related to this field in the following metalink note:

          ID 295412.1

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            as per your advise, meta link - Defaulting rules defined correctly for "Contact" attribute but unable to Enable the "Include in Building defaulting conditions" Check box against to respective attribute.

            If we enable this system default the contact.

            Please advise.