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    DBAT Connector

      Hi ,

      Can anyone guide me how to use DBAT step by step
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          Dhananjay Neeraj2
          You should go through the Connector documentation thoroughly in order to understand everything properly...

          If it is OIM 11G:-


          If your env is OIM 10G:-

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            Hi user8995781 ,

            If i am not wrong you have given link for DBUM , but i have to use truested source as database table to perform incremental recon.
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              Dhananjay Neeraj2
              If it is Trusted Source Recon, Then you need Oracle® Identity Manager Connector Guide for Database Application Tables and not DBUM

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                Download Database Applications Table

                1. From Window Explorer, navigate to the downloaded connector location directory.
                2. Copy the DBAT_91050.zip file, which resides in the directory.
                3. Paste file into for example D:\Oracle11g\Middleware\Oracle_IDM1\server\ConnectorDefaultDirectory directory.
                4. Unzip the DBAT_91050.zip file into this directory
                5. Launch Oracle Identity Manager Identity Administration Console
                6. Log in to this console with xelsysadm "superuser" account.
                7. On the Home page of the OIM Identity Administration Console, click Advanced
                8. Click on Install Connector link in the System Management pane.
                9. From the Connector List box, select the name of the connector that you want to import into Oracle Identity Manager (DatabaseApplicationTables Click Load.
                10. Verifying the Connector History Details and Connector Dependency Details, click Continue.
                11. Connector installation in progress to configure
                • Connectors Libraries
                • Import of Connector XML Files (Using Deployment Manager)
                • Compilation of Adapter Definitions
                12. On successful completion, a check mark is displayed for the task. Click Finish.