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    Jdeveloper Usage -OIM 11g


      I am new to OIM 11g and Jdeveloper. Can some one please guide me on the steps involved in Jdeveloper to develop custom prepop adapters and deploy the code on OIM server.

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          Dhananjay Neeraj2
          As far as Adapter Development is concerned, JDeveloper can be similar to Eclipse... Create Jars... And use UploadJar.sh utility

          *35.1 Upload JAR Utility*


          PrePop Adapters too can be Uploaded as JavaTask jars...

          And deployment on server means uploading the Jars...

          Once you upload the jars, you can use Design Console to create adapters (Pre Pop adapters or process task adapters)...

          And if you need some discussion on "How to create adapters":-

          Oracle® Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Oracle Identity Manager

          *2 Developing Adapters*

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            Gyanprakash Pandey
            OIM has been implemented using ADF framework and jdeveloper completely supports development using ADF framework. As far as adapters are concerned they are simple java classes, you can write in any editor or select java project in jdeveloper. After wrirting you code, compile it and create jar file and put it in JavaTasks folder.
            Major use of Jdeveloper comes in SOA composite development to implement approval workflows.