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    What does the "unexpected internal application error" mean?

      Hi Everyone,

      I just saw this message for the first time tonight. Does anyone know what it really indicates?

      "An unexpected internal application error has occurred. Please get in contact with <MyCompanyName> and provide reference# for further investigation."

      This message doesn't look familiar to me at all. I don't know where Apex is getting my company name from. Any ideas?

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          Patrick Wolf-Oracle
          Hi Kim,

          I assume you are using the Sample Database Application or similar app. This message is displayed by the "Error Handling Function" of the application. Go to "Edit Application Properties" -> "Error Handling" -> "Error Handling Function". The referenced function is a stored function or package in the database which contains the necessary code to handle error in application. It allows you to map errors to a new error text. See http://www.inside-oracle-apex.com/apex-4-1-error-handling-improvements-part-1/ and http://www.inside-oracle-apex.com/apex-4-1-error-handling-improvements-part-2/

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