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    oracle.xml.parser.schema.XSDException: Duplicated definition for: 'lang'


      I am facing issue while adding a BPEL process in already developed composite in SOA suite 11g (Jdeveloper version
      When I am adding a new BPEL in between a end point service and and mediator, I am getting following error during code compilation

      Error(72): query "/ns2:SyncCustomerPartyListEBM" is invalid, because oracle.xml.parser.schema.XSDException: Duplicated definition for: 'lang' [Cause=Duplicated definition for: 'lang']

      I have checked the schema and schema definition looks good. Even the code is getting compiled till the time I am not adding a Assign activity in my BPEL where I am assigning payload.
      I tried to used Transformation in place of assignment, but it also failed with same error.

      I have checked my adf-config.xml and all entries are absolutely fine there.

      Has anyone faced this type of issue before? I really appreciate if you can provide me any pointer to solve this issue.

      Thanks in Advance