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      I was going thru admin guide on the following content, could someone help me understand/elaborate the following paragraphs.

      I thought if you define schema within 98myschema.ldif or any other file other 99user.ldif, schema definitions containing withing those files will NOT be replication unless you manually copy or send them via push script.

      +"For example, assume that a master server contains schema definitions in the 98mySchema.ldif+
      +file when the server is started. Also assume that you then define replication agreements to other+
      +servers, either masters, hubs, or dedicated consumers. When you subsequently initialize the+
      +replicas from this master, the replicated schema contains the definitions from+
      +98mySchema.ldif, but the definitions are stored in 99user.ldif on the replica servers."+

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          Actually, when you have schema definitions on a master server which are not defined in the 99user.ldif file, these definitions will be replicated but they'll end up in the 99user.ldif in the target server.
          Any user-defined schema ends up in that file on target servers. So, if you want to keep the things consistent and have the same schema files on each server you have 2 choices:

          - add your own schema to 99user.ldif on the 1st master and let the directory server do the replication job.
          - use your own schema files, and manually copy the files everywhere, which is not recommanded or even supported, possibly. Moreover, you may have pain to maintain
          such a way to work.