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    Creating PDF reports using PDF templates(Adobe Acrobat) In xml publisher

      Hi ,

      I have created PDF templates using adobe acrobat. I am facing one development issue.


      We have a 2 page PDF template of which 1st page is filled with Employee Data (from database)
      While the second page is a static instruction page.
      We need to generate 2 page report for each employee.


      The 1st page gets generated for each employee while page 2 is generated only once
      ( Only one page for all the employee).

      According to the 8452335 patch, i have done this

      Name: SHOW-PAGE

      this is the default command to print the instructions ie 'Y' or 'N' if you don't want them.

      Still same problem i am facing.

      Please let me know if you have any inputs or suggestions suitable to the requirement.


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