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    Creating new feature in ADF mobile application creates unnecessary folders


      Jdev with ADF mobile extension
      Windows 7, 64 bit.

      When I create a new feature in a ADF mobile application and change the name of the feature in the create wizard Jdeveloper creates some unnecessary folders.
      - Default package of the mobile application is "com.name.mobile"
      - I entered the feature name "testFeature1" in the create-feature wizard.
      --> follwing folders has been created:
      - com.name.mobile.tes
      - com.name.mobile.testFeature1

      In some of my tests up to 4 directories has been created for 1 new feature.

      I have opened windows file explorer parallel to Jdeveloper and opened the folder where the sub-folders for the feature will be created.
      So I was able to see at which action the folders are created.
      It definitelly happens when using backspace key!
      Sometime it happens then the last character has been deleted from the name field and sometimes it happens earlier.

      I have created an SR on metalink for this but unfortunatelly the support engineer is not able to reproduce the isse on his machine.
      So I installed Jdev on a new machine and on this new machine I also could NOT reproduce the isse.
      On my own machine I can still reproduce the issue.

      What I have done so far:
      - I have already re-installed Jdev on my own machine from scratch (deleted all existing Jdev files and folders).
      - Restarted my computer
      - I use the standard JDK shipped with Jdev
      - created several new test applications with Jdev. In each application I can reproduce the issue.

      Maybe someone else already has noticed similar issues?
      Does someone has any ideas what may be wrong on my Jdev installation?