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      does anybody any idea how to use the event EVENT_PROACTIVE_HANDLER_AVAILABLE?

      Actually I found this page:

      It says:
      Use of STK for Contactless

      In an NFC contactless applet, only the process() method is used to deal with contactless data. In order to use the SIM Toolkit interface to interact with the user, the processTooolkit() method must be called because proactive commands can only be sent from this method.

      The following method describes a way to achieve this:

      1. Register to the EVENT_PROACTIVE_HANDLER_AVAILABLE event at the end of the process() method.
      2. Catch the EVENT_PROACTIVE_HANDLER_AVAILABLE event in the processTooolkit() method and perform the proactive action there.

      Btw, I'm not using Gemalto cards, but as I know from the vendor, my cards are also supporting this event.. Unfortunately, if I register this event using setEvent(EVENT_PROACTIVE_HANDLER_AVAILABLE); in the process() function, the Toolkit function processToolkit() are not called..

      Does anyone experience, or have an idea about this problem?

      What I want to do is: I have a NFC Toolkit applet, which works contactless, and want to send a sms and display text immediately if any contactless apdu processed in my applet..

      Regards and thanks in advance..