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    GTC Connectors migration in OIM11gR2


      We had exported entire GTC resource object and when we tried to import in another env, we see dependency errors on GTC Schedulers even though the schedulers exists in the xml.

      What are the steps to migrate GTC Connectors(Flatfile and DBAPP) from one environment to another?

      Do I have to import GTC Schedulers first and then Resource Object,Process Form and Process Definition? Does the reconciliation and provisioning work after import without issues?

      Pls share ur ideas.
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          Kevin Pinsky
          Make sure you are exporting the Generic Connector type object, and not the Resource Object. There are configurations that only come when you export this way. Otherwise you only get the resource and process definition workflow, and none of the configurations.

          You might also need to export the provider definition as well and import.

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