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    Why should we upgrade to OBPM 11g?

      Hi all,

      I am currently using OBPM 10g. Since OBPM 11g is the latest version, I would like to upgrade to 11g but from end user perspective what are the advantages of using OBPM 11g.

      These are the questions I have regarding OBPM 11g. Can you help me with the answers? (I am new to 11g)

      1) Why OBPM 11g is better that 10g while it doesnt provide easy migration option (from 10g)?
      2) what are the advantages end user will see after we upgrade to 11g?
      3) What are the extra features available in OBPM 11g?
      4) What is the difference in performance ? Can OBPM projects accomodate 10,000+ users?
      5) what are the criteria we should look before migrating (apart from business requirements)?