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    Unsupported Content-Type: application/x-www-form

      I have ported a WebService from OAS to WLS 10.3.5. I can deploy it, test it and access it from my local browser (I get an infopage)

      But whenever I try to access it via curl or the (Java)Client I get an "UnsupportedMediaException: Unsupported Content-Type: application/x-www-form" .
      I can see this Exception in my eclipse console. The WLS is started from eclipse in debugmode, but I'm not able to set an usefull Breakpoint (even catching the Exception does not work).
      I can not see any traces of a connection (or an error) in any of the logfiles (Weblogic/console)

      So, what I know is: I'm able to access my Service but the request is refused very early (my code is not reached).

      Using curl I do not even have to send data (curl http://localhost/[REST_OF_URL] is enough).

      Can anyone tell me where I might find the reason for this behaviour, or even better: how to fix it?

      Ps.: I do not have internet at my development-computer so I can not do any cut&paste, so I'm not able to paste the complete stacktrace)