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    Environnement variable PATH

      Hi all,

      I am installing 11g database in order to play with it. My OS is windows 7 premium edition, personnal PC and I am having that message:

      Environment variable: "PATH" - This test checks whether the length of the environment variable "PATH" does not exceed the recommended length.
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       Liste des erreurs :
      PRVF-3929 : Adding the Oracle binary location to the PATH environment variable will exceed the OS length limit of [ "1023" ] for the variable on the node "DATAEBULLITION"  - Cause:  The installer needs to update the PATH environment variable to include the value "%ORACLE_HOME%/bin;". However, doing so will cause PATH to exceed the maximum allowable length that this operating system allows.  - Action:  Ensure that the sum of the lengths of your current PATH environment variable and that of "%ORACLE_HOME%/bin;" does not exceed the operating system limit. Restart the installer after correcting the setting for environment variable

      Is anyone could help me as I don't understand what is PATH and how to reinstall it ?

      THank you