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    can't see 11g dsn's from MS ACCES

      Using Server 2008 Standard Edition 64 bit.

      We have been running full client (admin) version 10.2.0 and just installed full client (admin) 11.2.0. Both homes are in my path variable with 11.2 first.

      From ODBC Administrator, I can can create new system data sources using the 11.2 client driver and the testing widget built into the data source creator says my connection is good to both 10.2 dbs and 11.2 dbs. So the 11.2 odbc driver would seem to be working.

      However, from MS Access, I can only see 10.2 drivers and 10.2 data sources, which fail unless I put the 10.2 home in first place in my path.

      I cannot find a way to "access" the 11.2 drivers from MS Access. If I try to create a new data source from inside MS Access, I only see the old 10.2 driver.

      Thanks for any suggestions.