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    OSM O2A - Using extensible attributes in rules

      In our RODOD implementation using OSM 7.0.3, we are using the concept of "extensible attributes" intensively.

      The concept is great: lots of data coming from Siebel or gathered during the fulfillment process is stored in my order lines' "extensible attributes", almost OOTB, without no need for further customization.

      The problem comes when we want to use these extensible attributes in conditions for data jeopardies, change notifications, process branching, etc. All these conditions are configured as "Order Rules", which are based on simple dictionary elements, and which cannot refer to my "extensible attributes" using complex XPath like the following one:

      +BaseLineItemData/ItemReference/SpecificationGroup[Name="ExtensibleAttributes"]/Specification[Name="Call Waiting"]+

      My question is: Is there any way to use complex XPath in "Order Rules" so I can refer directly my "extensible attributes"?

      Right now, we are using lots of workarounds to copy the "extensible attributes" in simple order elements, so they can be referred directly from the "order rules". This approach works in a sunny day scenario, but it will bring problems with revisions that are changing the "extensible attributes" but not the simple order elements.

      Thank you in advance