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    What are CLASSPATH settings to run WLST scripts from JYTHON


      I am trying to run a Jython script that uses WLST calls.

      Following steps were done
      1. Run WLST.sh
      2. writeinit("wl.py")
      3. Invoke Jython and then do "import wl"

      The import fails with error

      from weblogic.management.scripting.utils import WLSTUtil
      ImportError: No module named weblogic

      Looking at the wlst.sh, it extends classpath for bunch of jars like
      if [ -d "${WLST_HOME}/lib" ] ; then
      for file in "${WLST_HOME}"/lib/*.jar ; do

      Question - what are all the files to be added to classpath ? Is there a script to explicitly set classpath for all relevant jars for WLST usage ?

      Any help will be appreciated