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    Oracle VirtualBox and VM

    jim f - oracle
      From what I am reading it appears Oracle VM VirtualBox is the software that gets installed on my currently existing OS.
      This will allow me to execute a number of Virtual OS as guest.
      The VirtualBox comes with a number of Operating Systems in which to use to create the guest VM OS template (THE OS STILL NEEDS TO BE INSTALLED).
      There are Pre-Built VMs which can be downloaded and when created will provide the guest VM OS along with the Oracle DB and other components.
      The VirtualBox only allows for a single VM to run at a time.

      Is all the above interpretation of the VirtualBox correct?

      The Oracle VM appears to be a more advanced type of VM which runs on an existing host OS.

      Is it correct to say the primary difference between the Oracle VM and Oracle VirtualBox is that the Oracle VM will allow for multiple VMs to run concurrently?
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          You should consider VirtualBox more as a desktop virtualizing system, while OVM runs bare metal on the hardware, without an underlying OS. Of course OVM install a Linux kernel, so there is of course an OS installed - but it's not a user-grade one.

          OVM provides way more features regarding enterprise needs as Virtual Box. I am using both of them: Virtual Box and OVM, where OVM runs ins a clustered enterprise environment, while I am using Virtual Box on my home server to run a couple of guests.
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            budachst is right. I will add that Virtualbox will run multiple VM guests. Virtuabox is more of a standalone product were as Oracle VM provides HA clustering of multiple VM servers and centralized management. Yes. Oracle VM runs as its own "OS"... whereas Virtualbox interacts with the existing OS. Virtualbox is a very good product. Oracle's VDI product leverages Virtualbox. So its truly a enterprise product. Virtualbox is the best standalone VM product I've ever used. Very stable and functional. It runs on many different OS platforms...including a great number of various linux offerings.
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              jim f - oracle
              Thanks for the clarification.
              I am assuming that the same templates can be used with either VirtualBox or the VM Server?
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                Not sure but I think they have to be converted. Some might convert and other probably will not. Probably depends on how complex they are.

                You can download the Oracle VM templates for virutalbox. That way... you can install virtualbox and test Oracle VM. You can then use any Oracle VM template you want within virutalbox.

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