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    userid on data pump


      Hi i am implementing an oracle to oracle replication with oracle goldengate 11.2.1 and

      I have a question, is it necessary to include the userid parameter on the data pump if i am only using this process to transfer the trailfiles through the network?

      If i include this parameter, data pump process establish a connection to the database and uses PGA, i want to know if it is proper to not include
      the parameter to avoid this database connection.

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          It is not a matter of proper or not, but more required or not, depending on how your data pump is being used.

          On the source, use the EDIT PARAMS command to create a parameter file for the data
          pump. Include the following parameters plus any others that apply to your database
          -- Identify the data pump group:
          EXTRACT <pump>
          -- Specify database login information if using NOPASSTHRU:
          [SOURCEDB <dsn_1>][, USERID <user>][, PASSWORD <pw>
          [<encryption options>]]
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            I am using the PASSTHRU parameter in my data pump and just using it to transfer the data changes without performing any filtering or mapping, so i guess it is not needed in this case.

            Thankyou for your answer stevencallan.
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              If you are using passthru in pump, you do not need any userid for pump.
              It does not connect to DB.