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    Can  DISABLE preProcess Event Handler add to the Orchestration parameters?

      I have a DISABLE pre-process event handler defined on the User object. I need to set the current date on a USR UDF attribute whenever the user is disabled or enabled or created. The CREATE handler works and the date value shows up on the user profile. However, when I try to set this attribute on the pre-process DISABLE or ENABLE event handlers, the new date does not show up. Here is the code I am using in my DISABLE/ENABLE event handler:

      Date currentTime = new Date(System.currentTimeMillis());
      orchestration.addParameter(USER_STATUS_DATETIME_ATTR_NAME, currentTime);

      Where the orchestration object is from the execute() parameter list.

      Any ideas as to why this is not working? Is adding to the orchestration not allowed for DISABLE or ENABLE event handlers? I know my handler is getting calls as I am logging the orchestration.getOperation() value.

      Thanks for any suggestions.

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