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    Currency conversion is failing on headcount account

      Hi Gurus,
      I am having issue in converting the headcount data from local to USD.
      We load data into local and use hyperion planning HSPCRTB script to convert into USD
      Data related to all accounts is converted from local to USD except headcount.
      we had no issues in 9 3 1 but when we migrated to 11 1 2 2 we are have this issue.
      Is there anything different we need to do for Headcount account which is a saved assumption in new version.

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          currency conversion in general should not happen to Heaedcount numbers, for example if headcount for Japan is 10(local) then no one want to see that multiplied with exchange rate and give ex:5.8 in reporting(USD), Having said that if your issue is just coping over the Headcount loaded in Local currency to reporting currency(USD) then you can handle that in Currency conv script by adding Headcount in the first Fix statement but make sure that is not in the currency conversion fix. and Headcount members in Account dim properties it should tag to Exchange Rate="no Rate"