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    Relationships and labels won't stay in postion


      I notice that if relationships and/or their labels are moved to a custom position, e.g. to move labels closer to the origin of a relationship or widen the gap between relationships, they often don't stick to their new locations. A save and restart or an undo operation will put them back to where they were. Is this a feature that can be controlled?

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          Unfortunately this is not an answer/resolution, but merely to confirm the issue.
          This is my number one frustration at present with the data modeller.

          If you move a relationship link in any way, by adding elbow(s) or manually dragging the label to a desired position, the new position of the label is not remembered!

          We have fairly 'busy' logical models (this is where we usually display the labels).
          No matter how well you positioned your relationship links and their labels, once saved and you come back to the design (re-opening it), the labels are all positioned somewhere along the route the link would have taken if it was allowed to 'auto-route' or you selected 'straighten lines'.

          I have checked out the new 3.3 EA version and this issue still persists there too.

          It now requires one to open the properties of every single relationship (you do not actually have to make any changes) and click 'OK' or 'Apply'.
          Now at least the labels align themselves with whatever route you have manually laid out for the relationship. Still you have issues of the labels going over entities or right on top of a 'crows foot'.

          It is just that this wastes lots of time each time I open a model for editing or even just to display/print it.

          Please Oracle, can you provide some feedback on this problem?
          (Will it even help logging this as a SR?)

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            Philip Stoyanov-Oracle
            You can influence on label position by introducing intermediate points on relationship (or foreign key) line.

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              Yes, that is what I (we) are doing. But once the model is saved (closed) and later re-opened, the line follows the 'manual' route, but the labels have reverted to their positions as-if the line was running along the 'straight-line' between the two entities in question.

              Only once you do something to that relationship line (via its properties or double clicking an elbow point) does the labels come back to their proper positions.

              Is that more clearly stated now?
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                Philip Stoyanov-Oracle
                Is that more clearly stated now?
                it's clear now. I logged bug for that. Meanwhile you can run following transformation script (for logical model) when want to get labels to their positions:
                rels = model.getDesign().getLogicalDesign().getRelationSet().toArray();
                for(var i=0;i<rels.length;i++){
                     views = rels.getAllViews().toArray();
                     for(var k=0;k<views.length;k++){
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                  Oh No!

                  I thought (very happily) that this issue was fixed in SDDM 2.2.744 (EA2) but now it seems to have regressed (got broken again) in the formal release 3.3.747! :-(

                  It has been listed in the list of bugs fixed since EA2 and still is in the list, but the tool seems to have gone backwards.
                  15912506     Relationship's labels displayed incorrectly after open design
                  Any input on this Phillip?
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                    Hmmm...well, ok. Seems it was a temporary thing. Cannot really explain it, but once I opened it, re-alligned everything and saved it with the release version, it seems ok now.

                    Did also start using the Subversion enablement, so don't know if it can have something to do with checking the design into version control.