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    OIM 11g: How to get Lotus Notes server connection information?

      In our Lotus Notes connector configuration, we have a couple tasks that occur "post-create" which create documents in various Lotus Notes databases related to the new user.

      In the "old" Lotus Notes connector (pre-ICF/Connector Server), we were able to get the server connection information (host, port, retries, etc.) from the Notes Server IT Resource. From there, using the Notes Java API (Notes.jar), we could get Session and create the required documents on the server.

      In the "new" Lotus Notes connector, the IT Resource parameters have changed completely to support the new ICF architecture. There are no longer entries for "Host", "Port", etc. All of the server info present is in the format "ADMIN/SERVER/IDMTEST/US" or "CN=ADMIN/OU=SERVER/O=IDMTEST/C=US" which cannot be used for a remote connection. I guess since Notes is installed on the Connector Server, a remote connection is no longer needed.

      My question is, since the remote connection information is no longer available, what is the best way to create additional Notes objects "post-create" from OIM?

      I suppose we could add the "legacy" remote connection parameters to the IT Resource type, but I was wondering if there was a better way (using the connector itself, action scripts, etc.)