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    Database Adapter - Datasource creation Issue - Using WLST

    karthik !!
      Hi ,

      Im tring to create a weblogic multi data source in an osb cluistered env using the wlst script and getting an issue while updating the plan.xml via script.

      im getting the plan path via this command in WLST planPath = get('/AppDeployments/DbAdapter/PlanPath')

      but the issue is i dont get the complete path insted i get something like this 'osb_cluster/plans/DBAdapter/DbAdapterPlan.xml'

      when i run the same script in single node environment , the script executes fine and update the plan path . Also i get the complete plan path url like this '/u9000/app/oracle/product/fmw/osb_11.'

      is there any issue with my clustered environment . Any help is appreciated !

      Thanks ,