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    VUs hanging (never time-out) and tests never stopping

      Has anyone encountered this issue before?

      Basically what I'm seeing is that on odd occasions a load test (say with 30 VUs) fails to stop, or even abort. I have to use "Session/Stop". What I've realised is that although most VUs do stop correctly, others remain in the "Running" state (apparently forever). I suspect this may be due to an issue with the System Under Test, but what puzzles me is that OLT itself doesn't time-out!

      I've checked my options in OLT and I still have the defaults:

      Socket Timeout = 120s
      Request Timeout = 120s
      Connection Idle Timeout = 60s

      Is there some other GLOBAL time-out setting that would force a VU to fail/stop if a certain period had been exceeded e.g. 5-10 minutes?

      I posted a similar question a while back Hanging VUs (should they timeout after a period?) but I still have issues with the "new" VU Log.

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