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        Hi Dhurgan,

        Thanks a lot for your help.

        Now everything looks fine here:-)
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          Hi Dhurgan,

          One more kind of request has come to us similar to updating manager attribute. In my previous post I had issue in updating an attribute on Identity Manager resource.
          But now we have a requirement to update a user field on Oracle table. While creating a new user using HR flat file active process, 'UserID' field of this new user on Oracle table gets updated from IdM during HR flat file active sync process. I'm not sure how this is happening. Within the form that is serving as an 'Input Form' for the active sync process, I can no where find the Oracle table being refenced.

          Can you please help me in understanding how the process of Oracle user table update happens and how do we reference those tables and table fields in IdM?

          Thanks in Advance.
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            if you are talking about the repository tables for IdM, then that is where the IdM stores all it's data...
            where it checks out info regarding a specific user, resource or whatever object and where it stores changes when you check in that same object.

            It stores some, easy to get to variables in their own columns (id, name, summary) and store the complete xml in a hugeblob.

            So if you update a users object and then check that in, it will of course update those columns in the database table.

            If you need to create a new, not there out of the box, field, in the user, it's a process described in the manuals.
            Those will most probably be added to the userattr table though... that table is keyed on the id from the userobj table and in turn consists of attrname, attrvalue columns...

            this is a database you should not mess with except through the IdM api's

            At our site we have created a secondary schema with tables we need for our own modification of the IdM, those tables we have our own rules and tasks for writing and reading from, we dont use the repository for that since we wanted to be able to upgrade and patch the IdM without risking our stuff would be corrupted or removed.

            Perhaps if you describe more in detail what you want to do?
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              Hi Dhurgan,


              I am working on requirement to add a new attribute for report type "user report".The new attribute has been added to the Sun Idm and resource side and we are supposed to fetch the new attribute in the user reports.


              Going through Sun Idm documentation I have found that we have to update the "reporttasks.xml" and "defaultreports.xml" which is present in Sun Idm Installation directory.

              I am a newbie to Idm , can you please let me know if there is any other place where we are supposed to add the attribute.



              Thanks in Advance,


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                Hi 840867,


                Can you please let me know as to at what all places we need to make change if we want a new attribute to be fetched in "user report".


                Thanks in Advance,


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