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    Problem while registering an User with Adding custom Attribute in OIM 11gR2


      This is our first implementation in OIM. We are working on creating a custom Attribute in OIM 11g R2 tied to the User. Following are the steps we have taken.

      1) We have created a new Attribute in OUD say for example customDateOfBirth.
      2) Added this new Attribute (customDateOfBirth) under Optional Attributes in Person Object class.
      3) Under OIM system Administration created a new Date Custom Field (customDateOfBirth) for User Form in Form Designer. I have specified customDateOfBirth as LDAP Attribute.

      Now when i try to register a User by adding this new custom filed i am getting exception as:

      **LDAP, and the corresponding error is - {0}[[**
      **javax.naming.directory.SchemaViolationException: [LDAP: error code 65 - LDAP Error 65 : [LDAP: error code 65 - Entry cn=John cd Doe,cn=Users,dc=idmlab,dc=com cannot not be modified because the resulting entry would have violated the server schema:  Entry cn=John cd Doe,cn=Users,dc=idmlab,dc=com violates the Directory Server schema configuration because it includes attribute customDateOfBirth which is not allowed by any of the objectclasses defined in that entry]]; remaining name 'cn=John cd Doe,cn=Users,dc=idmlab,dc=com'**

      We also have OVD configured and OIDSynch is running. Please advise if i am missing any steps here? Also i tried creating the Custom Ldap Attrbute in OVD directly and it still gives the same error. ANy advise on this would be highly appreciated.


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