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    em says "Unable to retrieve composite details" for soa-infra deployed app

      WLS, two node cluster running on AIX

      One of five deployments give below error message when clicking on Farm_bpm_domain/SOA/soa-infra/mydomain/myapp

      Same deployed composite shows red "Target not found" under Farm_bpm_domain/SOA/soa-infra under Deployed Composites

      This seems to be unrelated to bug 13387571 (SSL), and the "java.lang.NullPointerException" is probably of relevance (have seen other, also unrelated, reports with "java.lang.RuntimeException" instead).

      WLS_SOA?-diagnostic.log shows nothing out of the ordinary, no errors.

      Four of five apps are fine so no general problem with the cluster.

      Any suggestion where to start looking?


      Unable to retrieve composite details.
      Error retrieving Composite DequeueVehicleRotations (2.0) details from soa-infra runtime. This could happen due to the errors in soa-infra initialization. Please view the log files for details.
      EJB Exception: ; nested exception is:
      oracle.sysman.emSDK.app.exception.EMSystemException at oracle.sysman.emai.model.sca.composite.core.impl.EMCompositeModel.handleError(EMCompositeModel.java:72) at oracle.sysman.emai.model.sca.share.composite.CompositeCoreModel.initialize(CompositeCoreModel.java:106) at oracle.sysman.emai.model.sca.composite.core.impl.CompositeModel.initialize(CompositeModel.java:46) at