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    Distribution Window Closes when entering a large number of Distributions

    AI Consulting
      When entering distributions (around 20-30 or so, but no specific number) for an invoice, the distribution window closes without warning. The distributions are saved but the process is unreliable. See the attached documents for the errors given.

      The first error is not really an error so much as the message Oracle gives when it is trying to catch up, "Press cancel to end this database operation". This message will linger for about 3-5 seconds then the message along with the distribution window suddenly close.

      When you go to click on the distribution button immediatley after the window closes a second error appears: APP-SQLAP-97734: The system cannot generate distributions for line 1 because: Verify line does not contain distributions: line already has distributions"

      There is no specific dollar amount or number of distributions where this error occurs. It does not happen all the time when we have a large amount of distributions but enough to make entering a large amount of distributions a cautious activity slowing data entry.

      Any Ideas?