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    Session timeout by mouse inactivity

      I made a simple page displaying the current date and time. Using an "af:poll" tag I refresh the "af:outputText" displaying the date and time. The date and time information is retrieved from a managed bean (request scope).
      The session timeout is configured as 1 Minute. The date and time is refreshed every 5 seconds. As expected the poll keeps the session alive. The problem is now, if there is no mouse movement, the session gets inactive after some time. This is long after the normal session timeout passed, something like 10 minutes.
      My question is, how can I prevent the session timeout if there is no mouse movement.

      And if you ask yourself what a silly setting... solve it by throwing away the session timeout: No, I described only a simple reproducible I made. The real environment is a portlet in the portal and only that single portal should keep the session alive when displayed. The mouse is never moved because in that setting the display informs people at a public place about news and so on.

      I have some workarounds like:
      1. Tools moving the mouse
      2. Browser plugins refreshing the whole page

      But I want to have a better solution than this.

      Anyone has an idea? A setting disabling the mouse activity check?

      Regards, Markus