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    Table Size

      How to get the table size?
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          970953 wrote:
          How to get the table size?
          which size; allocated or used?

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            select sum(bytes)/1024/1024 from dba_segments where segment_name='<tname>'
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              Mark D Powell
              user 970953, vlethakula has provided you with a query that will give you the table's allocated size.

              I will add a couple of other considerations since there are many reasons to want to know how much space a table is using such as if you need to duplciate it on another system. The table may have associated indexes which in turn have storage allocations. The table may have LOB columns and each log column will also have a storage segment and depending on why you are looking at the table size you may also have to include the LOB segments in your calculations.

              The query also does not identify how much space within the allocation is actually being used. You can estimate that by looking at information provided in the dba_tables view specifically using the blocks, avg_row_len, pct_free, avg_space, and num_rows columns.

              You can find information on the rdbms dictionary views in the Oracle version# Reference manual.

              A quick summary of the basic view can be found in the following article.

              How do I find information about a database object: table, index, constraint, view, etc… in Oracle ? http://www.jlcomp.demon.co.uk/faq/object_info.html

              HTH -- Mark D Powell --
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                Check MOS notes :
                How to get the actual size used of table in (KB) by using script instead of through EM? [ID 358645.1]
                Script: Computing Table Size [ID 70183.1]
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                  How to get the table size?
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