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    REGISTER EXTRACT fails with OCI error

      I tried to set up Golden Gate as described in the Oracle Installation and Setup Guide (E35957-01).
      But when it comes to the register extract command I get the following error:

      GGSCI (LOG-DO-CPDUE1) 26> register extract ext1 database

      2012-11-13 17:50:57 WARNING OGG-02064 Oracle compatibility version
      has limited datatype support for integrated capture. Version required f
      or full support.

      2012-11-13 17:51:11 ERROR OGG-01755 Cannot register or unregister EXTRACT EX
      T1 because of the following SQL error: OCI Error 439. See Extract user privilege
      s in the Oracle GoldenGate for Oracle Installation and Setup Guide.

      What is this OCI error 439?
      What to do to solve the problem?