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    Tracking Usage of an application that uses EAI Object Manager

      We have had created for us an application that works using Siebel EAI.

      I have been asked to implement some tracking of usage, so that we can see who is using the application.

      Building on some work that we use in the main application, I have an executable file that essentially looks in the Siebel log directory for a string like this:
      oldUser=SiebelAnonUser, newUser=UsersUserName

      This works fine to a point, except not every user seems to have an entry like this one.
      Some do/some don't and some do some days and not others. It seems quite random.

      Instead, the users frequently have an entry like this instead of the SiebelAnonUser:
      oldUser=someUsersUserName, newUser=anotherUsersUserName

      Can anyone explain how this works, and why sometiumes we see an entry with SiebelAnonUser in and other times not?

      Otherwise, does anyone have a good way of tracking usage of EAI? Or something that would be written to the logs that we can track usage on?