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    OAM per user session limit

      Hi everyone !

      I'm using OAM I need to limit the amount of users sessions, and I have a couple of users with with special needs. This means that the default amount of sessions should be, lets say 8, and for some specific users, it needs to be 20.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Nishith Nayan
          find below steps for common session limit:

          1. From the System Configuration tab, expand the Common Configurations section, and double-click Common Settings.
          2. On the Common Settings page, expand the Session section.
          3. Click the arrow keys beside each list to increase or decrease session lifecycle settings as needed (Table 7-1):
          Session Lifetime
          Idle Timeout
          Maximum Number of Sessions per User=8
          4. Check the box to enable Database Persistence for Active Sessions.
          5. Click Apply to submit the changes (or close the page without applying changes).
          6. Close the page when you finish.

          I am not sure about the specific user's session update but you can do for the active user
          find below link

          Active user's session
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            Thank you for you answer.
            As a matter of fact, that I have already done, the steps the documentation describes are only for general configuration, which applies to everyone. What I'm looking for is a way to set a higher (or lower for that matter) number of user sessions, but for a specific user (or a bunch of them), but not for everyone.