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    OWB and AWM

      Hi all,

      I need to make a decision : keep working with Analytic Workspace Manager or switch to Oracle Warehouse builder.

      Actually, I create dimension tables, and fact tables in my DB, load data into them using PLSQL procedures, and I use AWM to create dimensions and cubes, then generate reports.

      I'm wondering if I really need to switch to Warehouse Builder or not.

      I was told OWB is more of an ETL, so it will ease my life when loading data into my tables. But I was told too that OWB is less efficiennt when it comes to OLAP analysis..

      Is that true ? When should I think of switching to OWB ?


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          Robert Angel

          I would be asking what your business need is, and if your current tools are achieving them as efficiently, effectively and flexibly as you would wish.

          If your current arrangement does all you need as easily as you could wish, and you are used to it then why switch?

          However, if you feel like your current toolset 'does the job', BUT - is not cost effective, is not easy to cover for alternative resources (what is the standard in the market place, could someone else cover it if you weren't there?)

          Also, you might factor in ODI into your considerations rather than OWB as it is rapidly becoming the tool of choice to complement OBIEE.